sexta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2014

Arte e Ciência

Albrecht Dürer, Stag beetle (1505, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles)
«(...) Why read science? (…) most images that are produced within the university are made outside the humanities, and most theorizing about vision takes place in cognitive psychology and neurobiology, not in the humanities. So if we don’t read science, we’re not participating in the full conversation on the visual world.»
James Elkins, «Entrevista com James Elkins conduzida por Afonso Ramos, Joana Cunha Leal e Mariana Pinto dos Santos», Museus e Investigação, Revista de História da Arte, n.º 8, FCSH-UNL, 2011.
Pieter Holsteijn the Younger, Two brimstones.
Pieter Holsteijn the Younger, Megaceras jason and six other insects.

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ana disse...

Adoro Dürer.

Margarida Elias disse...

Eu também Ana! Bjns!