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Ravens vs. Crows / Corvos vs. ...?

Sergey Solomko, Conversation
No livro The Hobbit: or, There and Back Again (1937) de J. R. Tolkien, a certa altura pode ler-se:

“I only wish he was a raven!” said Balin.
“I thought you did not like them! You seemed very shy of them, when we came this way before.”
“Those were crows! And nasty suspicious-looking creatures at that, and rude as well. You must have heard the ugly names they were calling after us. But the ravens are different. There used to be great friendship between them and the people of Thror; and they often brought us secret news, and were rewarded with such bright things as they coveted to hide in their dwellings. “They live many a year, and their memories are long, and they hand on their wisdom to their children. I knew many among the ravens of the rocks when I was a dwarf-lad. This very height was once named Ravenhill, because there was a wise and famous pair, old Care and his wife, that lived here above the guard-chamber. But I don’t suppose that any of that ancient breed linger here now.”

Num site da internet há um artigo intitulado Crow vs. Raven, que refere a diferença das duas espécies e onde se diz que o "raven" pode viver cerca de 30 anos. Em português não encontrei tradução para o "raven" para além de "corvo comum". Fiquei com curiosidade sobre qual seria.

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APS disse...

O "Concise Oxford" pouco acrescenta em relação às diferenças, mas refere que "raven" é uma ave de maior vulto que "crow". Mais não posso ajudar...

Margarida Elias disse...

Agradeço. Fica a dúvida... Bom dia!