quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2017

In Time

Apesar de ter bastantes erros, alguns inacreditáveis (ver aqui), gostei de ver o filme Knight and Day (2010) com Tom Cruise e Cameron Diaz. Achei sobretudo divertido, nomeadamente pelos diálogos e algumas cenas mirabolantes.

Noutro género, gostei muito do filme In Time, com Justin Timerlake, sobretudo por causa do tema (o tempo fascina-me) e dos diálogos, mas tudo o resto achei muito bom, incluindo cenários e fotografia.
Henry Hamilton: How old are you? In real time?
Henry Hamilton: I'm 105.
Will Salas: Good for you. You won't see 106, you have too many more nights like tonight.
Henry Hamilton: You are right. But the day comes when you've had enough. Your mind can be spent, even if your body's not. We want to die. We need to.
Will Salas: That's your problem? You've been alive too long? You ever known anyone who's died?
Henry Hamilton: For a few to be immortal, many must die.
Will Salas: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Henry Hamilton: You really don't know, do you? Everyone can't live forever. Where would we put them? Why do you think there are time zones? Why do you think taxes and prices go up the same day in the ghetto? The cost of living keeps rising to make sure people keep dying. How else could there be men with a million years while most live day to day? But the truth is... there's more than enough. No one has to die before their time. If you had as much time as I have on that clock, what would you do with it?
Will Salas: I'd stop watching it. I can tell you one thing. If I had all that time, I sure as hell wouldn't waste it.
E nem sabia que o Justin Timberlake era actor, pois só o conhecia como cantor:

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