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Silmarils (Tolkien Gateway)
«In that time were made those things that afterwards were most renowned of all the works of the Elves. For Feanor, being come to his full might, was filled with a new thought, (...); and he pondered how the light of the Trees, the glory of the Blessed Realm, might be preserved imperishable. Then he began a long and secret labour, (...); and at the end of all he made the Silmarils. 
As three great Jewels they were in form. (...). Like the crystal of diamonds it appeared, and yet was more strong than adamant, so that no violence could mar it or break it within the Kingdom of Arda. (,,,). And the inner fire of the Silmarils Feanor made of the blended light of the Trees of Valinor, which lives in them yet, though the Trees have long withered and shine no more. Therefore even in the darkness of the deepest treasury the Silmarils of their own radiance shone like the stars of Varda; and yet, as were they indeed living things, they rejoiced in light and received it and gave it back in hues more marvellous than before». 
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, London, HarperCollinsPublishers, 1999, p. 68. Cf. também o Archive.org.

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