quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010

A Onda

 Pintura de José Malhoa, Praia Mar (1911).
 As when far off in the middle of the ocean
A breast-shaped curve of wave begins to whiten
And rise above the surface, then rolling on
Gathers and gathers until it reaches land
Huge as a mountain and crashes among the rocks
With a prodigious roar, and what was deep
Comes churning up from the bottom in mighty swirls
Of sunken sand and living things and water —
So in the Springtime every race of people
And all the creatures on earth or in the water,
Wild animals and flocks and all the birds
In all their painted colors, all rush to charge
Into the fire that burns them: love moves them all.
Translated by Robert Pinsky, The Threepenny Review, in JAPONISME.

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ana disse...

Belo post. Quer o poema quer o quadro são lindos!