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«Close to where they stood grew a hazel-bush, covered with beautiful nuts. They soon gathered some, cracked them, and ate the fine young kernels, which were only just ripe. But there was another surprise and fright in store for them. Out of the thicket stepped a tall old woman, her face quite brown, and her hair of a deep shining black; the whites of her eyes glittered like a Moor’s; on her back she carried a bundle, and in her hand a knotted stick. She was a gypsy. The children did not at first understand what she said. She drew out of her pocket three large nuts, in which she told them were hidden the most beautiful and lovely things in the world, for they were wishing nuts. Ib looked at her, and as she spoke so kindly, he took courage, and asked her if she would give him the nuts; and the woman gave them to him, and then gathered some more from the bushes for herself, quite a pocket full. Ib and Christina looked at the wishing nuts with wide open eyes.»
Hans Christian Andersen, Ib and Little Christina (1855)

Tomás Yepes, Bodegón con dulces y frutos secos (c. 1650)

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ana disse...

Venho mais uma vez agradecer o diálogo.
Gostei muito das imagens. Voltarei para ler o texto.
Beijinho. :))

Margarida Elias disse...

Obrigada Ana! O texto é de um conto que li há pouco tempo, triste, mas belo. Beijinhos!