terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2015

Da Eternidade

Mikalojus Ciurlionis, Eternity (1906)
«Think of your life as a story.
Actually, you already do.
FMRI studies show us that following a story A narrative with a beginning, middle, and end Causes our brains to release cortisol and oxytocin.
These chemicals give us the uniquely human ability to connect with someone, even a total stranger, and empathize.
In other words, stories are what we use to find meaning in our lives.
Now, imagine for a moment that we lived without the understanding that our story must eventually end.
What if our lives were as infinite as the universe, if the ticking clock never stopped? What would our story be then? Would we still love? Or care? Would those tiny, fleeting moments that mean everything Mean anything at all?»

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ana disse...

Muito bonito quer o texto quer a imagem.

Margarida Elias disse...

Obrigada, Ana! Beijinhos!