quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2014

Cultura material

Arquitecto Alves de Sousa - Ambiente, Estúdio Mário Navais (FCG - CFT003.024173.ic)
«Rather than unreflexively adopting a lifestyle, through tradition or habit, the new heroes of consumer culture make lifestyle a life project and display their individuality and sense of style in the particularity of the assemblage of goods, clothes, practices, experiences, appearance and bodily dispositions they design together into a lifestyle. The modern individual within consumer culture is made conscious that he speaks not only with his clothes, but with his home, furnishings, decoration, car and other activities which are to be read in terms of the presence and absence of taste.»
Featherstone (1991), citado in Woodward, Studying Material Culture. Origins and Premises.

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